“The system of protected areas exists, the problem is that it exists on paper, it’s a phenomenon called a paper park.”

David Morrison - Chairman | Caucasus Nature Fund


Let's turn the paper park into a real park!
The following trip is going to take place in Zangakatun which is a diverse and endangered hotspot. As such it is the epitome of a conservation area to be. Your support can bring the Armenia Project to life!


Foster conservation

Contribute to the protection of natural ecosystems by creating a protected area.

Develop ecotourism

Develop ecotourism in the region by establishing the necessary infrastructure.

Involve locals

Improve human-environment interaction by making local people profit from ecotourism.


Build hiking trails

Do trailblazing, install signboards, establish vista points and build small bridges.

Be an ambassador

Be an ambassador and do follow-up work in your country.

Support education

Produce educational information. Design and implement the conservation area’s website.


Since 2002 WWF-Armenia continues to establish and foster protected areas. Its main objective is the protection of endangered species and natural ecosystems. Moreover, the organization supports sustainability and economic growth related to conservation for local communities. With the establishment of a National Park in the Tatev region, WWF aims at making ecotourism go hand in hand with conservation.


Wesser wants to make a direct contribution to conservation. The company aims at fostering the establishment of a new National Park by providing the funds for sending well-educated and socially committed people. Wesser sees this project as a chance to offer its employees additional value by enabling them to contribute to an innovative project. And who could do better than people getting in touch with projects of NPOs every day?

“Conservation without money is just conversation.”

Levan Tabunidze - Director | Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park


Armenia is part of the Caucasus, an area situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. As it is located along the route of the Great Silk Road, the Caucasus has an ancient history. Its rich cultural heritage is mirrored by its various monuments. Moreover, it is one of the world’s diversity hotspots with an incredible variety of species and plants.


Zangakatun is a small village located in the province Ararat in the west of Armenia near the frontier to Turkey and Iran. It is popular for being the birthplace of Paruyr Sevak, one of the most famous Armenian poets of the 20th century. His house is now a museum which is open to tourists. Further, you can visit a chapel which was built in the 10th century. As Zangakatun is surrounded by mountains, you can enjoy a stunning view.

“This project is the beginning of a dream come true. Top motivated and committed employees of Wesser came together in the amazing, breath-taking Armenian nature to work with local people with combined power for conservation. Everyone can make a difference – and even more together… we all felt that in Tatev: Wings of change!”

Manuel Baumgartner - Head of Project Wesser Foundation, Switzerland

“Experiencing the nature of Armenia, the hard work on the trail, the loving community of people around me and my own strength and passion has given me a lesson that I will take with me wherever I go next. Thank you for that opportunity to learn and share.”

Kore Kaluzynski - Volunteer Germany

“BarevTrails is not just building ecotourism infrastructure. This amazing project helps build bridges between European volunteers and their Armenian peers. And out of this cultural exchange great things emerge!”

Hayk Tiraturyan - Head of WWF Armenia’s Fundraising and Partnerships Department

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